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49th International Viola Congress - Campinas

Celebrating the fusion of cultures – a world of music for viola

July 17- 21, 2024

Violist Friends,


It is with great joy that we welcome every one to the official

website of ABRAV - Brazilian Association of Violists.


The Brazilian Association of Violists is a non-profit association created in 2014,

wich aims to bring together professional violists, teachers, students and amateurs from all over Brazil.

Our goal is to contribute to promoting and valuing  the artistic quality of the whole class, individually and collectively.

With the possibility of enlarging our field and integrating our 

knowledge, we invite you:  Join us!

 With the coupon
you get a discount of R$40,00 on your membership.

(Discounted prices)
Amateur: R$ 20,00
Student: R$ 20,00
Professional: R$ 80,00
ENVIO is the annual event promoted by ABRAV

Stay tuned for more information

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