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Mulher tocando violino

49th Congress of the International Viola Society

Unicamp - Campinas, SP – Brazil

07/17 to 07/21/2024

ABRAV, the Brazilian Viola Society, is very happy and honored to host the 49th IVS Congress in 2024! It will be the first time that this important event will take place in South America, hosted at Unicamp, Campinas/SP. The theme of the Congress is: “Celebrating the fusion of cultures – a world of music for viola”

The Congress will invite a small number of individuals to present performances and masterclasses; all other events will be programmed exclusively by selection through this proposal process.

Entry and exit requirements

European, South African, Turkey and New Zealand passport holders have Visa Exemption, for a period not exceeding ninety (90) days.


ATTENTION! Effective April 10th, 2024 passport holders from Australia, Canada, and the United States will need a VIVIS (Visit Visa) to enter Brazil. The online form to apply for the visa is available here:


It’s not necessary to go to a Brazilian embassy or consulate to obtain it. The fee is U$ 80.00, which can be paid with Mastercard/Visa credit and debit cards. Upon successful payment of the fee, you will receive an email confirming the status of your application, indicating whether it has been approved, rejected, or if additional documentation is required. If approved, you will be emailed a PDF file containing your eVisa. You must  download, print and present your eVisa at the time of boarding and landing in Brazil.

Secure your eVisa for a hassle-free journey!


For more informatioon, contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Brazil.


Entry requirements vary depending on the type of passport you use for travel.


Before you travel, check with your transportation company about passport requirements. Its rules on passport validity may be more stringent than the country’s entry rules. 


Security and communication


Brazilians are usually very friendly, and helpful, and most young people can speak English. Bus, Uber, and taxi drivers usually don’t speak English but are willing to communicate.

As in any other big city, we recommend that you watch your belongings in São Paulo and Campinas, especially in crowded areas. Remain vigilant when visiting tourist destinations such as beaches, outdoor markets, hotel grounds, bars and nightclubs, airports, and bus stations.
Avoid showing signs of affluence such as expensive jewelry, watches, clothing, and bags. Carry only small amounts of cash, keep cameras and portable electronic devices concealed, be aware of ploys to distract your attention, remain cautious with new acquaintances who ask for information or offer hospitality or assistance, and book tours with reliable agencies.


In Barão Geraldo, where the Unicamp campus is located, security is not an issue, reports of
petty theft and scams are very rare, almost nonexistent.


July is wintertime in Brazil, with mild temperatures in Campinas ranging from 15 to 25°C (59 to 77°F). Days are usually sunny, heavy rain is not expected, and a hat and sunscreen are recommended. If you plan to travel to other regions in Brazil, do some research about the weather, which can be quite different.


Water fountains are safe to drink and common on campus. You will find places to buy bottled water or refill your bottle as well.


The air quality in and around Campinas is good, but in São Paulo it’s poorer.


The humidity in winter is generally low in Campinas. Be cognizant of how this may affect your instrument and bow.

Event's venue

The event will take place at Unicamp Arts Institute, located in the district of Barão Geraldo, in Campinas, state of São Paulo, Brazil.
Address: Rua Elis Regina, 50 - State University of Campinas
Google Maps location here:
The Arts Institute is 110km from São Paulo and 14km from downtown Campinas.



Arriving in Campinas



  • Currency exchange is available at the airports

  •  ATMs are readily available.

  •  It is recommended that you buy a SIM card at the airport

There are 3 main airport options: Campinas-Viracopos Airport (VCP), São Paulo-Guarulhos (GRU) (also called Cumbica) and São Paulo-Congonhas (CGH). We recommend that you choose the first one, if possible. In case you can’t find direct flights to Viracopos from your country,
there are many ways to arrive in Campinas:

The bus company Lirabus ( offers transport services from all the airports to the center/bus station of Campinas.
Uber and 99 are the most commonly used ride-sharing apps in Brazil (see the companies’ official boarding locations at each airport). They are generally less expensive than taking a taxi.
Drivers know your exact destination so there is less chance for miscommunication. They can also be used for food delivery.

  • Distance from Viracopos Airport to the center of Campinas: 17 km

  • Distance from Viracopos Airport to Unicamp: 36 km

  • Distance from Congonhas Airport to Unicamp: 115 km

  • Distance from Guarulhos Airport to Unicamp: 129 km


Taxi fare estimates (Taxis are required to use their meter, and drivers accept cash, credit, or debit cards)

  • Taxi from Viracopos Airport to Unicamp R$ 145.00 (U$ 29.00)

  • Taxi from Guarulhos Airport to Unicamp R$ 365.00 (U$ 73.00)

  • Taxi from Congonhas Airport to Unicamp R$ 365.00 (U$ 73.00)

  • Taxi from Campinas Bus Station to Unicamp R$ 50.00 - 60.00 (U$ 10.00 - 12.00)

How to get to Unicamp by bus

To use public transport in Campinas you need to download the Transurc app:
Register and buy credits to pay for the ticket via QRCode.

Ticket price: R$ 5.90 (U$ 1.20)


The Cittamobi or Moovit apps help you identify the best bus lines, boarding points, and disembarkation. It is also possible to consult bus arrival forecasts in real-time, selecting points on the map.





and the Apple Store:



From downtown Campinas straight to UNICAMP

From Campinas Center/Bus Station to Barão Geraldo Terminal.

  • Line 331 - Campinas Bus Station to Barão Geraldo Terminal. Get off at Barão Geraldo

Terminal and Take line 337 (get off at Av. Bertrand Russell 142-284)

  • Line 333 - Central Terminal to Barão Geraldo Terminal. Get off at Barão Geraldo

Terminal and pick up line 337 (get off at Bertrand Russell 142-284)

From Barão Geraldo Terminal to UNICAMP.

  • Line 337 - Terminal Barão Geraldo to UNICAMP (get off at Av. Bertrand Russell 142-


Travel within Unicamp
Unicamp has internal buses. They are free and you do not need to present credentials to use
them. There is a bus stop close to the Arts Institute.



These are a few suggestions, but you can find other accommodations in hotel apps.

  • House of the Visiting Professor (CPV)  (strongly recommended! ABRAV has reserved 50 rooms at this campus hotel. We will make a list of persons interested in staying there during the Registration period, starting March 1st).

Av. Érico Veríssimo, 1251 - Cidade Universitária, Campinas - SP, CEP 13083-851 - on campus
750m - 10 min walk to the Arts Institute

  • Hotel Matiz (second nearest option, rooms can be reserved at Booking, TripAdvisor or other hotel apps)

Av. Albino José Barbosa de Oliveira, 1700 - Barão Geraldo, Campinas - SP, CEP 13084-551
1.8 km - 24 min walk or 8 min by car.

  • Pousada Solar dos Pássaros

R. Jean Nassif Mokarzel, 201 - Barão Geraldo, Campinas - SP, CEP 13084-070
2.2km - 30 min walk or 6 min by car

  • OYO Pousada Tia Léo Campinas

R. Angelo Vicentim, 822 - Barão Geraldo, Campinas - SP, CEP 13084-060
2.5 km | 35 min walk or 8 min by car.


  • Ibis Styles Campinas Alphaville

R. Embiruçu, 300 - Alphaville Empresarial, Campinas - SP, CEP 13098-320
10 km - 20 min by car


  • Ibis budget Campinas Aquidaban

R. José Paulino, 229 - Bosque, Campinas - SP, CEP 13013-000
15km | 25 min by car


In Brazil, you can eat a full-course meal for less than U$ 12.00. Many restaurants offer a selfservice “per kilo” system. You choose what and how much you want to eat and you are charged on a per kilogram rate.

  • House of the Visiting Professor (CPV) - (Food per kilogram ~ R$ 100.00/kg – U$ 20.00/kg)

Av. Érico Veríssimo, 1251 - Cidade Universitária, Campinas - SP, 13083-851 - on-campus
750m - 10 min walk to the Arts Institute

  • Adunicamp Restaurant - Teachers Association Restaurant (Food per kilogram ~ R$ 100.00/kg - U$ 20.00/kg)

Av. Érico Veríssimo, 1479 - on-campus
800m - 10 min on foot or 3 min by car

  • Cantina do Belo (Food per kilo ~ R$ 70.00/kg - U$ 14.00/kg)

R. Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, 911 - on-campus
400m - 5 min walk or 2 min by car


  • Del Sol Restaurant (food per kilo ~ R$ 73.00 - U$ 14.60/kg)

R. Roxo Moreira, 1648 - University City, Campinas
1.2 km - 15 min walk or 3 min by car

  • Bardana Restaurante (Food per kilo ~ R$ 80.00/kg - U$ 16.00/kg)

Av. Dr. Romeu Tórtima, 1500
1.1 km - 14 min walk or 3 min by car

  • Campus Grill (Food per kilo ~ R$ 70.00/kg - U$ 14.00/kg)

R. Dr. José Anderson, 634 -
1.4 km - 18 min walk or 4 min by car

  • Aulus (Food per kilo ~ R$ 100.00/kg - U$ 20.00/kg) – recommended for homesick Americans

Av. Professor Atílio Martini, 939 - Cidade Universitária Map
600m - 8 min walk or 3 min by car


  • Maneva Restaurant (executive dishes ~ R$ 30.00 - U$ 6.00) (vegan and vegetarian)

Av. Professor Atí lio Martini, 424 - Barão Geraldo, Campinas - SP, 13083-830
1.1 km - 15 min walk or 4 min by car


  • Lado B Bar - Beer, Food & Other (Food per kilo ~ R$ 100.00 - U$ 20.00/kg)

Av. Albino J. B. de Oliveira, 1240 - Barão Geraldo, Campinas - SP, 13084-551
1.8 km - 25 min walk or 6 min by car


  • Raízes Zen BG (Food per kilo R$ 64.00/kg - U$ 12.80/kg or R$ 45.00 - U$ 9.00/kg at will/all you can eat) (vegan and vegetarian)

R. Antônio Pierozzi, 94 - Barão Geraldo, Campinas
1.8km - 26 min walk or 7 min by car

Important Dates

Submission of proposals

07/31/2023 to 11/10/2023

Announcement of the selected proposals

by December 15, 2023

Registration: active/passive participants

begins March 1, 2024

About the registration for the Congress

Registration for the Congress will start on 03/01/2024, for teachers and artists selected in the call above, as well as for people who want to participate in the Congress actively (as performers in workshops and masterclasses) or just attending the activities.

Contact us

Please, fill out the form bellow, and get in contact with Emerson De Biaggi, host and coordinator of the Sellection Committee for any

questions about the proposal submission process.

Thank you!

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