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ABRAV'S Journal

Check out below, the first editions of ABRAV'S Journal


How can I get my article on ABRAV's Journal?


Our journal aims to disseminate papers, research and tips of interest to violists and other string players. Initially, an annual edition will be launched, in online digital format and open to the general public. If you have an article and want to publish it, contact us and fill out the form below. Your work will be evaluated by members of the editorial board. To submit works for analysis, it is necessary to be a member of ABRAV and to be up to date with the annuities.


Link to clarify questions: click here

Editorial board members: Emerson De Biaggi, Carlos Aleixo dos Reis, Leonardo Piermartiri, Rodrigo Santana, Fabio Saggin, Ulisses Silva, Hella Frank e Roberta Marcinkowski.


1. Acceptable formats:

a. Articles between 3 and 10 pages long: use template A below:

b. Reviews and interviews up to 3 pages: use template B below: 

c. Videos or testimonials: duration of up to 15 minutes, accepted formats: MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV The themes addressed in the videos must be related to the thematic sections of item 2 below. Preferably recorded in landscape position (landscape), with a 16:9 ratio. Works must be uploaded to Youtube channel as unlisted. Fill in the access link in the form

d. Hybrid text+video format: text with hyperlinks to short videos (maximum total duration of the videos: 5 minutes) - use template A available on the website: Template A - journal ABRAV.docx Note: works that use images, in video or photo, by people other than the authors themselves, must be accompanied by the following document: Declaration of responsibility for image rights.


2. Thematic Sections:

a. History of pioneering violists in Brazil

b. Orchestra (repertoire, auditions, behavior of musicians in test situations and in the exercise of their profession)

c. Review of different types of instrument and/or equipment (chinrests, shoulder rests, strings, bows) - up to 3 pages - template B

d. Report of interaction with composers (template A) or interviews with composers (template B) e. repertoire for viola, new or traditional: challenges

e. Preparation strategies

f. Reports of teachings, tips or innovative study strategies received from important Brazilian or foreign professors in festivals or masterclasses

g. Luthiers, archetiers and instrument maintenance (up to 3 pages - template B)

h. Violists in Conservatories, Music Schools, Higher Education Institutions, characteristics of undergraduate and graduate courses in Brazil and abroad, possibilities for scholarships and financial support.

i. Consolidation of academic research, with a theme on the viola, published in Brazil and abroad

j. Musician's health, practice of activities that help the instrumentalist to prevent pain and injuries

k. Review of new books or CDs with works for viola; interviews with violists or composers (up to 3 pages - template B).

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