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Since 2014, the Brazilian Viola Society has been an organization dedicated to the performance, teaching, repertoire, literature, history, and promotion of the viola. We reach our members through the Online Viola Journal dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of articles, dissertations, theses and through our interactions on social media. ABRAV promotes an annual national conference, ENVIO - an event that offers concerts, masterclasses, lectures, workshops, discussion panels, and viola ensemble practice. ABRAV also hosts the National Viola Competition, (CONNVIO).


Why Become a Member?

We invite you to become a member and expand your network by joining this group of violists who seek to develop viola performance, teaching, repertoire, literature, lutherie, and history in Brazil. By becoming a member, you will be able to access a collection of scores, our online journal, and receive a discount on the Congress registration fee.


The Brazilian Viola Society has a partnership with the International Viola Society (IVS), which can provide more benefits to members. Join us or renew your membership any time of the year and welcome to ABRAV! 

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