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The Viola in Brasil

As an association whose objective is to promote the exchange of informations concerning the different areas of violists' performance, in addition to promoting actions to integrate these practices, we also want to rescue the "trajectory" of our instrument in Brazil.


The Brazilian Associations of Violists (ABRAV) thanks all the people and institutions that can collaborate to enrich this historical content related to the violists who contributed to consolidating the viola in Brazil. We are developing a comprehensive work, carried out with great dedication and with the support of the entire community.


When thinking about heritage, the first idea is usually related to building, but today more than ever, the human material behind cultural buildings is seen with the same degree of importance. Therefore, we intend to present an overview of the evolution of viola practice in Brazil through the biography of its exponents, in order to guarantee the preservation of the memory of these great violists. Expanding this idea, we have the project to crate a directory with all the violists in activity in Brazil, which will serve as a reference for consultation in our country and in other countries as well.


Starting the project, we will present a brief history of the life of the three violists who were honored at the genesis of ABRAV: George Kisely, Bela Móri and Perez Dworecki. The project already includes our dear friend Ricardo Kubala, recently deceased and who was a very active member of this association, in addition to being a reference in excellence.

These great artists were extremely important for the diffusion of the viola, acting as instrumentalists, chamber musicians, and teachers. They also contributed to the substantial increase in the production, execution, and research of the original repertoire for viola in Brazil.

Discover a little of the history of each of them:

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